Bluetooth speaker YOWA

I bought the box to listen to the radio in the garden. When unpacking this Bluetooth music speaker and I was shock, I would not have expected it so small.

But, the sound over Bluetooth is more than my expectation. Perfect to pair my ipad air tablet and my iphoneX smartphone .

There are some small function buttons on it but you can get that out quickly.

The radio reception despite the connected “antenna” is quite meager and it is constantly cracking to hear.

I would give this item 85 of 100 rating.



What makes this little speaker is a really boombox! Rich sound and comparatively rich bass for its size. Compared to the Boomball much better sound, but due to the really massive construction also bigger and heavier.
Radio works, but only suitable as an emergency device. I have not tried calling with Micro and sd card is not a use case for me. Compared to the competition but these are all additional functions that the competitors do not offer at the same price. So for me absolute price – performance winner.


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