Blender as a gift

A few days ago I used this blender with smoothies and juices: nothing to say about the functioning, provided you respect the conditions of use, ie to add a little (or much according to taste) liquid with The fruits or the vegetables to be mixed, and to avoid to hasten ice cubes (it is written in the instructions of use). The plastic bottles look good and each bottle has its lid waterproof with a small valve neck to be able to come out with. Cleaning is easy because the blades are removable: it is a blender that works “inverted”, ie the blades are fixed to the top of the bottle, the bottle is turned over and the mixing is started by pressing With the bottle on the base of the device. This is the point that makes me remove 1 star: the top of each bottle has 3 small plastic pins 2.5 mm thick by 5 mm deep, which are pressed strongly via the bottle to trigger the ” Switch (otherwise inaccessible, for safety reasons). After several dozen uses, I imagine that the spikes will break, one after the other. Would this be programmed obsolescence? Of course, we can buy bottles, but at what price ($20 a large bottle of 500 ml). So for now, I hope it will hold, as long as possible.

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